Adventures of a skeptical paranormal investigator

Hayley Stevens

Thursday, November 1 2012 at 8:00PM

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78 Brighton Road
Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5BU

Hayley Stevens

What's the talk about?

As a special post-halloween treat, we are having a one-off Thursday night event on the 1st of November. Hopefully you'll all be full of halloween cheer and in the perfect mood for a bit of hands-on ghost-scrutinising.

Allow skeptical paranormal investigator, Hayley Stevens, to introduce you to the often confused & somewhat scary world of paranormal research. From sham ghosts and paranormal politics to cursed houses and things that go bump in the night. Get hands on with ghost detecting gadgets, experience how sneaky the human brain really is, and witness for yourself the latest evidence for an afterlife (don’t get too excited, now…)

Hayley Stevens is one of Britain’s most vocal skeptical paranormal investigators and blogs as ‘Hayley is a Ghost’ where she documents her journey from being a belief led ghost hunter to a sceptical non-believer. Once referred to by BBC News as ‘a mix between Jonathan Creek and Scooby Doo’ she has been actively investigating ghosts and monsters since her teens in 2005 and is, quite frankly, weird.

“These guys know what they’re talking about!” (re: a panel Hayley sat on)  
Dr Steven Novella, Skeptics Guide to the Universe Podcast