Shale Gas: Good News for Sussex?

Jane Thomas and Benny Peiser

Monday, August 12 2013 at 8:00PM

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78 Brighton Road
Horsham, West Sussex RH13 5BU

Jane Thomas and Benny Peiser

What's the talk about?


Are Sussex's shale gas reserves manna from heaven or a poisoned chalice?

The development of hydraulic fracturing (fracking) has enabled the potential exploitation of an enormous amount of natural gas that is currently stored in rocks deep beneath the Sussex countryside. Continuing exploratory works - and the resulting protests - have put Sussex at the heart of the fracking debate.

In an attempt to establish the facts, Horsham SitP will be hosting a debate between representatives of both sides of the argument.


Jane Thomas is Senior Campaigner for Friends of the Earth in England

Dr. Benny Peiser is Director of the Global Warming Policy Foundation and editor of CCNet


Both speakers will give a statement, followed by dialogue. After a break, the audience can ask both participants any questions they may have.


Due to the anticipated demand we are ticketing this event so that everyone who wants to come along will get a seat. Takings will be used for speaker expenses for this and future events. Ticket price is £2.50 (not the usual £2) due to charges from the ticketing website.



(If you can't buy tickets online, please email to reserve a seat)