Cosmological vertigo, anyone?

Dr Kathy Romer

Thursday, February 13 2014 at 8:00PM

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North St
West Sussex
RH12 1RG

Dr Kathy Romer

What's the talk about?

 Einstein called his postulation of the so-called Cosmological Constant his "biggest blunder''. So it might seem remarkable that billions of dollars are being spent on international astronomy projects designed to prove him wrong! These projects are attempting to measure a non zero Cosmological Constant to help explain why the Universe has started to accelerate in its expansion (after more than 10 billion years of slowing down). Dr Kathy Romer is involved in several of these projects. She will discuss the latest evidence for an accelerated expansion, emphasising the practical and human sides of the endeavour. She will also discuss whether these experiments might ultimately prove Einstein to be right about the Cosmological Constant (i.e. it doesn't actually exist), but show instead that he was wrong about something else: the universality of General Relativity.

(Here's a little article about some of Dr Romer's work

Kathy got her PhD in Edinburgh in 1995. She then spent 9 years in the USA as a postdoc and junior faculty member. She returned to the UK in 2004 and has been at the University of Sussex, as part of the Sussex Astronomy Centre, ever since. She works in the field of Observational Cosmology, with a particular specialism in the area of X-ray clusters of galaxies. She makes regular use of many of the premier telescopes around the world, and in Space, and has recently taken on leadership of the X-ray efforts related to the international Dark Energy Survey project. In addition to her research, she teaches Astronomy and Physics at the undergraduate and postgraduate level and has many local, national, and international, administrative roles.

Seats £3  - just turn up on the night as there will be good seats for everyone! Get there in good time to pre-order your interval drink at the downstairs bar. The Studio is upstairs but there is a lift available for anyone that wants to use it.