4 Speakers, 4 subjects, 4 one night only

Chris Snowdon, Elizabeth Donnelly, Anita Marsden, Simon Clare

Thursday, March 13 2014 at 8:00PM

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North St
West Sussex
RH12 1RG

Chris Snowdon, Elizabeth Donnelly, Anita Marsden, Simon Clare

What's the talk about?

 In a change to the usual format, we'll be presenting four speakers, each talking for about 15 minutes followed by a short Q&A. 

More details are to follow but here's a brief intro...

Elizabeth Donnelly is a Humanist Celebrant and will be talking about what her work involves. Elizabeth is great to listen to on the subject and we're thrilled to host her.

Anita Marsden is a clinical psychologist, music festival organiser and the first female Streetwars champion. Anita will be talking about the subject of positive psychology

Chris Snowdon is an author who will be giving us a special talk on the "free men on the land" movement, where people effectively opt out of society and the law. Chris suggests that the movement is somewhat deluded. 

Simon Clare is your regular host and will be performing a one-off talk about Horsham's very own charismatic evangelical church and demonstrating some of the miracles that supposedly happen there.

£3 on the door to cover venue hore and speaker expenses - no need to book in advance. 100 very comfortable seats will be waiting for you.

DON'T FORGET you can pre-order interval drinks at the bar - I would encourage you to do this! (The bar stays open late especially for us so if we can deal with interval drinks nice and quickly, the staff get to go home!)