The 60 year history of bleed air in aircraft

Monday, October 19 2015 at 8:00PM

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Wickhurst Lane
Broadbridge Heath
RH12 3LY


Susan Michaelis

What's the talk about?

Note our new location ...!

Come along and join us for a drink and an evening of conversation! We want to hear your views and ideas about Horsham Skeptics in the Pub and its future!

In the first Skeptics talk of Autumn 2015 Susan Michaels will talk about what is happening on virtually every air transport flight around the globe; passengers and crew are put at risk from exposure to a complex cocktail of hazardous chemicals when the air they breathe becomes contaminated. These chemicals can be extremely harmful yet many passengers and crew members remain completely oblivious to the risk.

Susan Michaels will give a shocking insight into the aviation industry's best-kept secrets, revealing the frightening health impacts on victims of exposures and the flight safety concerns of global experts investigating this issue.

Come along to hear and take part in discussion on how to bring about change to make air travel safer for all who fly; expecially the unborn.

We look forrward to seeing you!